QuayPad for Business People

Stand out from the crowd

Working from a floating office has got to be one of the best ideas you've had. Imagine the impact your new premises will have on customers' perception of your business! You are obviously a free-thinking individual who isn't shackled by convention.

A brilliant marketing tool for your business

The iconic design of QuayPad provides a blank canvas on which you can stamp your own business identity. The large areas on either side (and even on top) are perfect for logos and other branding material. You can also choose a colour scheme for the unit itself from a range of over 200 colours - pick the combination to complement your corporate identity.

Quality of life matters - doesn't it?

We designed QuayPad so we could escape being cooped up in a conventional office. We like being outdoors around water and boats. When the weather is dull it's still great. There's a huge picture window at the front which means even when you're inside you still don't feel enclosed.

When the weather is fine it's fantastic! The upper deck is perfect for al fresco meetings, dining or just thinking. There is a special atmosphere around water which is very hard to explain but if you "get it" you already understand the attraction.

A Cost-effective office solution

Of course not all conventional land-based offices are drab "concrete boxes". However, the nice ones always seem to be really expensive don't they? QuayPad is an affordable alternative to a land-based building. It is built to a very high standard and will last for decades with minimal maintenance. In most cases there will be no business rates to pay so you're only on-going costs are the berthing fees. You also own an asset with a re-sale value should you wish to sell it in the future.