QuayPad for Marine-Based Businesses

Get right amongst the action

If you're a marine-related business and need a compact but stylish base of operations in a marina we have the answer. QuayPad is a cost-effective alternative to conventional land buildings and has the added advantage of getting your business right amongst the action.

Choose the type of facility you need

Our standard unit is configured as an office - but the design is very versatile. We can supply a "bare shell" version which you can use in a variety of ways. So whether you need a storage unit, workshop or ticket booth we have a solution.

A brilliant marketing tool for your business

The iconic design of QuayPad provides a blank canvas on which you can stamp your own business identity. The large areas on either side (and even on top) are perfect for logos and other branding material. You can also choose a colour scheme for the unit itself from a range of over 200 colours - pick the combination to complement your corporate identity.