Show Office

See QuayPad in Cardiff

Our show office is berthed in Cardiff Marina, Wales. If you would like to come and see how good QuayPad is for yourself please contact us to arrange a visit.

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QuayPad - a cool floating quayside pod for living, working or just relaxing, away from the crowds.

QuayPad opens up a host of new possibilities for marine-related businesses and people who just like the idea of having space on water.

Business People

Stand out from the crowd

Working from a floating office has got to be one of the best ideas you've had. Imagine the impact your new premises will have on customers' perception of your business!


Marine Related Businesses 

Get right amongst the action

Having a base of operations right in amongst the action is a no-brainer for many marine-related businesses.



Living Aboard

Your own floating living space

What could be better than having a purpose designed studio flat in the harbour or marina?